Are you one of those people who dislike Valentine’s Day? We don’t. We think it’s a great opportunity to delight your beloved ones – or even yourself – with a special little something. And it mustn’t be today, it could be on any given day.

Write a poem. And if you’re not much of a writer, let someone else do it for you: Verslibuero.

Don’t buy flowers. Better spend your money on a “I love you” cupcakes box by Michelles cupcakes!

It’s all about spreading the love today: smile at complete strangers on your way to work or help an old person crossing the street.

And if you’re planning a romantic dinner, we know where to bring your date. And so does Zurich tourism.

But, how do other countries celebrate Valentine’s Day on 14. February?
In Japan, women present their men with chocolate.
In Finland, it’s Friendships Day and one send’s little letters or presents to friends.
In Italy, lovers meet on bridges and attach little padlocks to the steel construction.
In Brasil, they are busy with their carneval. They celebrate Valentine’s Day on 12. June.