I´m bored of the typical cheesy souvenirs. What can I buy that I´ll still like at home?

If your home isn´t too far away, buy a box of delicious Luxenburgerli at Sprüngli. A wallet or bag from Freitag is also a nice souvenir, even the truck-made goods are now available outside of Switzerland.

If you speak German, the “Zurich Slängikon” might be a fun start to try understanding the locals.


I want to eat as much chocolate as possible, while I’m in Switzerland.

Well, that’s easy. Switzerland is the country of chocolate. Just enter any grocery store and eat yourself through the range. If you’re looking for something special, visit one of the many confectioneries Sprüngli in town. The traditional confectionery is known for their pastry and has excellent truffles too.

Unfortunately, due to hygienic reasons, it is difficult to visit chocolate factories. Some factories offer tours, though. For more information check here.