In the last issue of the Tages Anzeiger Magazin Max Küng expressed his frustration about overpriced food in Zurich and wanted to know where in town he could eat a decent dish that wouldn’t cost more than 20 francs.

We totally agree, eating in Zurich often requires a fat wallet. But there are some places where you can fill your belly and get away with 20 francs straight – you might have to cut back on first course, dessert and wine but you’ll be full and happy afterwards, we promise.

So here we go: For hearty food, Aargauerhof is the place for you: Meatloaf with fries and a fried egg or rösti with bacon, cheese and a fried egg, both for 18.50. At Da Michelangelo you’ll get a Pizza Margarita for 14.50. It’s 18 francs for fish n’ chips and a salad at Rössli and 20 bucks straight for a sausage, fries and grilled veggies at Wurst & Moritz. For a variety of asian meals under 20 francs, rely on restaurant Saigon.

Now myfriendfromzurich hopes that you’ll all enjoy your dinner! And Max, what do you think about our suggestions?