I am looking for an urban oasis – where to go?

When looking for a piece of nature and peace in town, you should spend time in one of our top 3 urban oases:

Old botanical garden

The old botanical garden is perfectly situated on a hill in the city of Zurich. It used to be a bulwark against enemies and was in use as a botanical garden until the 197o’s. In 1976 the new botanical garden opened it’s doors and is still in use today. The old garden remained a perfect green little hideaway. We like to read a book there and it’s also a good place to bring a date.

Garden of Villa Tobler

The Villa Tobler in the old town has a beautiful garden to enjoy a few calm moments from the busy city life. The entrance to the garden is not easy to find and the villa is in the calmer part of the old twon, so it usually is not very crowded.

Park at Museum Rietberg

(Picture: © Museum Rietberg)

A great view over city and lake offers the park of the Museum Rietberg. You won’t find the big crowds there, so it’s much more relaxing than the nearby places by the lake. Most people “just” visit the museum – which is also well worth a visit.


Yeahhh: New Hammam at Villa Patumbah

A perfect thing to do during the christmas break is to dive into an oriental fairytale in one of Zurichs most beautiful villas.

(Picture: Hammam Basar)

The Hammam Basar at Villa Patumbah guarantees you relaxing times and you will be able forget the whole pre-christmas or family stress during the festivities.

Open since the beginning of December, the Hammam Basar offers not only a real Moroccan hammam experience but also craftwork and beauty products at the Basar and delicious Mediterranean – Maghrebian food in the Salon.

Open during high days and holidays – except 25 December and 1 January.
Men have access to the hammam on Mondays and Saturdays only, all the other days are reserved for the ladies!


Where can I sit by a chimney fire in Zurich?

It is acutally quite hard to find places with chimney fires in Zurich, David. But we did some research and found you these bars or restaurants:

Did you always want to enjoy the stunning view over Zurich – comined with the sizzling noise from a chimney fire? The Nietturmbar is located in a glass cubus over the Schiffbau at Kreis 5. A good place to meet, relax, dream and enjoy.

The Lounge of the Park Hyatt Hotel offers a warm and luxurious ambiance in combination with delicious drinks and foods and, of course, a chimney fire.

Another quite royal place is the Kings Cave Bar & Grill in the  heart of Zurich. Dine like a king in this vaulted castle cellar with its fireplace, candleholders and heavy golden curtains.

Not far from the Kings Cave restaurant, right at the Hirschenplatz, is the bar Platzhirsch. Enjoy a drink, exclusive glass of wine or a cappuccino in an well-designed, friendly environment and relax by the fireplace.