I am looking for an urban oasis – where to go?

When looking for a piece of nature and peace in town, you should spend time in one of our top 3 urban oases:

Old botanical garden

The old botanical garden is perfectly situated on a hill in the city of Zurich. It used to be a bulwark against enemies and was in use as a botanical garden until the 197o’s. In 1976 the new botanical garden opened it’s doors and is still in use today. The old garden remained a perfect green little hideaway. We like to read a book there and it’s also a good place to bring a date.

Garden of Villa Tobler

The Villa Tobler in the old town has a beautiful garden to enjoy a few calm moments from the busy city life. The entrance to the garden is not easy to find and the villa is in the calmer part of the old twon, so it usually is not very crowded.

Park at Museum Rietberg

(Picture: © Museum Rietberg)

A great view over city and lake offers the park of the Museum Rietberg. You won’t find the big crowds there, so it’s much more relaxing than the nearby places by the lake. Most people “just” visit the museum – which is also well worth a visit.


Event Tips for a summer weekend in town

(Printscreens: Frau Gerolds Garten, Xenix, Museum Rietberg)

Finally, we got the perfect weather to enjoy real Zurich summer days, nights… and weekends! Some things to do during this weekend:

Shopaholics, fashionistas and lovers of brisk summer nights will be all happy at SOMMERPOP with a streetmarket, nightshopping, music, delicious food, cold drinks and colourful attractions. This Friday night at 5pm @Frau Gerolds Garten.

Keen on classical or jazz music? Head towards Museum Rietberg to enjoy concerts (Friday & Sunday) of the Festspiele Zurich in a great surrounding – Rietberpark is one of the nicest parks in town! Tickets for this event series “Wagner meets Jazz” can be bought online at Starticket.

And last but not least, something for you, film lovers: As every year in July, the arthouse movies at Xenix Open-air cinema are well worth seeing. There is no advance sale, so pick the film you wish to see and make sure to be there early that evening.


Event Tip: Japanese summer party at Museum Rietberg

(photos: © Honolulu Museum of Art) 

To celebrate the opening of the exhibition „The Beauty of the Moment – Women in Japanese Woodblock Prints“ the museum Rietberg invites to a Japanese summer party.

During the whole weekend you can explore the Japanese culture – and there’s much more to it than eating sushi and drinking sake: Japanese music and dance, free guided tours through the exhibition and a crafts market.  You can also try your skills in origami and Japanese make-up.