Yes, the “Januarloch”, as we call the empty pockets after too much Christmas shopping, has arrived. And you might have noticed that Zurich isn´t the best place for a small budget.

But there are some things that don´t cost a thing. E.g. on Wednesday afternoons you can visit the Collection of the Kunsthaus for free. And if you want to discover the city by bike, rent one at Züri rollt and don’t pay a franc! Or shift your party nights to Monday and Tuesday: At Cool Monday parties at Mascotte you only pay for your drinks.
 Tuesday is concert night at La Catrina and the bar of Hostel Langstars. There is no entrance fee, only a small donation for the local bands is expected.

Check out Ron Orp to find a whole list of free activities.

In our post from June 14, we mentioned some great restaurants where you can get a decent meal without ruining you. Read it here.