GUEST POST from Dimitri@Newly Swissed: The „new Zurich“ – what is there to see and do?

When people talk about the “new Zurich”, they usually are referring to the hip area loosely bordered by Hardbrücke station and the shops at the Viadukt Bögen. The rumors are true, because this previously industrial part of Zurich has lots to offer. So grab your camera and start your urban adventure on top of the Hardbrücke. Suggested must-sees:

With a height of 126 meters the Prime Tower is the tallest building in Switzerland, featuring the Clouds bar on the top floor. Expect a wait though as the views on Zurich are quite spectacular.

For free vistas which are just as spectacular (in a different kind of way), walk along Geroldstrasse to the flagship store of Freitag bags. The famed tower made of shipping containers provides unobstructed views of Zurichis main terminal and the mount Uetliberg. The views are free, but be ready to climb some stairs to get there!

Now that you have worked up a hunger, swing by the latest urban farming/restaurant project next door: Frau Gerolds Garten! Located on a previously vacant lot, this hipster spot offers food, fun and fashion in a cool setting!

Back on Geroldstrasse, pass the Freitag store towards the shops which are nestled underneath the viaduct. One end features an urban farming project using a shipping container (duh!), while the other end houses a bustling indoor market hall.

Spend your evening at Sphères, a combined bookshop/coffee shop/performance stage which is within walking distance.

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Summer in the City – part I: sun lovers, there you go!

With all its nice streets, restaurants and places to relax, Kreis 5 is the perfect neighbourhood to enjoy a real ‘Summer in the City’ day. At the Viaduktbögen are located some good bars and restaurants where you can sit outside: Markthalle, Ambrosi or Restaurant Viadukt. Nearby, you’ll find the Josefswiese, a superb place to take a sunbath, read a book and if you need a refreshment, dip your feet into the fountain or have a drink at Kiosk Josefswiese.

Walk down the Viaduktstrasse and check out some of the shops. At the end, Geroldstrasse starts. There, you’ll find the Freitag tower, where you shouldn’t miss the view from the sunny rooftop platform.

Right behind the Freitag tower is located Frau Gerolds Garten, a temporary sun terrace, summer restaurant, arts and city garden. Terrace, bar, kitchen and toilet area are built out of ship containers and you’ll find shadow under a huge circus tent. The side walls are brightly-painted, flowerbeds and vegtable patches create a „green“ atmosphere. It’s a perfect place to have a chat and an ice cold beer – an urban park in the middle of Zurichs industrial district.

By the way: The weather forecast predicts great weather for the weekend, too. You shouldn’t miss the Idaplatzfest on Saturday!


I´m bored of the typical cheesy souvenirs. What can I buy that I´ll still like at home?

If your home isn´t too far away, buy a box of delicious Luxenburgerli at Sprüngli. A wallet or bag from Freitag is also a nice souvenir, even the truck-made goods are now available outside of Switzerland.

If you speak German, the “Zurich Slängikon” might be a fun start to try understanding the locals.