Yeahhh: Les Gourmandises de Miyuko

There is a good reason to leave downtown Zurich and walk up to a calm side street near Stampfenbachplatz: It’s Les Gourmandises de Miyuko. The lovely little café is situated in an old house and once inside, you’ll feel like in a Japanese fairy tale.

From the menu to the furnishings and the large display of cakes and pastries – there are so many lovely details, you don’t know where to start exploring. Be sure to brunch there – the breakfast is lovely displayed and just scrumptious.

Plus: Miyuko has a rich choice of vegan and glutenfree goods and also offers baking-classes.




Yeahhh: Happy 721st birthday, Switzerland!

Swiss people like the 1st of August mainly because they’re off work – time to relax and enjoy the sun.

But hooray, it’s Swiss National Day! There are lots of things to do. You could…

… stay in the city and enjoy the quiet summertime in one of Zurichs public baths or stroll around town.

… enjoy an extensive brunch on a leisurely cruise on lake Zurich in the morning or book a table on the evening ferry with beautiful views on bonfires and fireworks.

… take the train to Zurich Oberland and hike up Hörnli or Schnebelhorn. Bring your own Cervelat!

… try a real swiss breakfast at one of the farms around town. Find more (german) information here. Make sure to book ahead!

… attend the official National Day celebrations in Zurich. Download the program in english at the bottom of this page.

… skip all these things and stay in bed. There is an Openair party going on at Allmend tonight!

Oh and by the way: on the 1st of August we celebrate the Confederation of the 3 founding cantons Uri, Schwyz and Unterwalden in 1291: this was when the Eidgenossenschaft was born!


Yeahhh: Guest post for currystrumpet

We meet Deepa from currystrumpet at Holly Beckers inspiring BYW-class. Deepa is a Manila girl living in Amsterdam and she blogs about her life in the Netherlands and her travels.


Deepa loves to brunch as much as we do, so the toppic of our guest post was easy to find. Read the whole post here.


I love nothing more than a good brunch. What are your top-three-suggestions?

For a rich healthy breakfast, from classic small to scrambled eggs with salmon or oriental style with humus and feta, go to Maison Blunt. If you like pancakes in various styles, Zum Guten Glück is definitely the place for you. And Sisu offers a good all-you-can-eat brunch in the weekends. Enjoy!