Yeahhh: guest post for “That Backpacker”

Audrey is the girl behind “That Backpacker”. She was born in Canada, raised in Argentina, and now finds herself teaching English to a mischievous bunch in Korea. When she’s not on the hunt for authentic Indian curries, she can be found exploring her current home base, and plotting her upcoming travels around the globe.

myfriendfromzurich wrote a guest post for her column “There’s A Place In”, in which we listed some must-sees and must-dos for visitors. Read it here.




What blogs and pages about Zurich should I read?

(Apart from us, of course) We like HopeHope, Pascal Grob and Styleseeking Zurich for fashion. Foodies check The Real Picky Gourmet.

For the talk of town, cultural events and all possible and impossible things to do and find, www.ronorp.net, www.bewegungsmelder.ch and www.zuri.net are the addresses to type in your browser.

Bewegungsmelder just recently reported about myfriendfromzurich, more about it here.


Yeahhh: guest post number four!

To do Holly Beckers BYW-class was definitely a good thing to do! Not only did we learn much and get inspired, we also met so many nice fellow bloggers from around the world.

Among them Anette from Germany who blogs about the little things in life she loves and also makes her own jewelry. As Anette likes Zurich almost as much as we do, the idea of us doing a guest post for her blog lebenslustiger.com came up easily. Read the whole post here.


Yeahhh – We did it twice: guest posts for LoveCreative and Wanderlust on a Budget

Graphic and Product Designer Amanda from L.A. shares all facets of her creative interests on her amazing blog LoveCreative: Design, music, books, food, fashion and art.
We loved writing a guest post with a guided tour through the home of modern design – Zurich – and hope there soon will be traveling lots of L.A. design students to our exciting city.
Find the whole guest post here.

Shannon from Wanderlust on a Budget is a California girl who loves to travel and blog about it. She started a new monthly series, Blog Spotlight, in which she features an interview with a fellow travel blogger.
And guess who had the luck to be the first one to do the Q&A?!
myfriendfromzurich - well actually one half of the two girls behind this blog.
We feel honored!
Read the interview here.


Yeahhh: Guest post for currystrumpet

We meet Deepa from currystrumpet at Holly Beckers inspiring BYW-class. Deepa is a Manila girl living in Amsterdam and she blogs about her life in the Netherlands and her travels.


Deepa loves to brunch as much as we do, so the toppic of our guest post was easy to find. Read the whole post here.