What blogs and pages about Zurich should I read?

(Apart from us, of course) We like HopeHope, Pascal Grob and Styleseeking Zurich for fashion. Foodies check The Real Picky Gourmet.

For the talk of town, cultural events and all possible and impossible things to do and find, www.ronorp.net, www.bewegungsmelder.ch and www.zuri.net are the addresses to type in your browser.

Bewegungsmelder just recently reported about myfriendfromzurich, more about it here.


Yeahhh: myfriendfromzurich in Bewegungsmelder

Bewegungsmelder is an online magazine for events and city talk in Zurich, Bern and Basel. Plus they also publish a free monthly print issue for these three cities.

In their latest issue they kindly mentioned us, thank you Lukas from Bewegungsmelder Zürich!