Zurich is definitely a good place for coffee lovers and if you browse our section eat & drink, you’ll find many nice places where we like to hang out and spend our afternoons with good talks and good coffee.

Nevertheless, we’d like to point out three suggestions for you:

Benzin & Koffein: This new additions to Zurichs coffee scene combines the owners love for coffee and motorcycles and offers wine and food too.

La Stanza: One of the best coffees in town, including real “Italianità”.

Café Henrici: Situated at a beautiful square in the old town of Zurich. They put a lot of effort into picking the right mix of beans and roasting, but also adjusting their machines accordingly.

If you’re looking for Zurich brewed coffee to take home as a present, the traditional roasting facility Kaffee Stoll is your go-to.