Yeahhh: Today’s Office Looks Like This

We got the perfect christmas gift for those who like to combine traveling with working. Today’s Office Looks Like This is the new book by our friend and fellow travel blogger Katrin Gygax.


If you’re seeking inspiration for unconventional moving or stationary working-places throughout Switzerland, you should definitely get it. If you wish to get an insight into a Switzerland off the main touristic paths, you should buy it, too.

The book also includes essays on Switzerland and “tips on where to eat, what to see as well as ideas for activities along the way”.

For lovers of: unconventional guide books, traveling, mobile working, Swiss public transport, photography and Switzerland.


Where can I go ice skating in Zurich?


(picture: ethzh.ch)

Hey there, little ice princess! Even though lake Zurich probably won’t freeze this winter either, there are many possibilities to ice skate in town. One of our favorite places is the ice rink on the terrace outside the ETH – the view over the old town is spectacular! The ice rink will be open free of charge until 14 December 2014.

A highlight for all the ice skaters in Zurich is the annual ice disco at the Dolders ice rink – live djs, mulled wine and of course ice skating will make a perfect afternoon. It takes place on the 20. of december.

For an overview on the cities ice rinks, check here.


Can you give me some idea of things to do in September? Looks like I will be here the month.

Lucky you, Sandy, there is lots going on in September, it’s a good month to be in Zurich! A choice on other September things to do:

1. Circus Monti is in town! Until September 21, the Swiss Circus Monti is performing their 30th anniversary show on the Sechseläutenplatz. As every year, the company of artists know how to fascinate their audience.

2. If you are interested into Geology or more specific, earthquakes, then stroll through the anniversary exhibition of the Swiss Seismological Service and learn lots about earthquakes in Switzerland.

3. The ghost walk tours through Zurich are highly recommended – as people told as. If you want to know Zurich’s dark side, join one of the ghost walks.

4. Time for drama: the new season at our favourite and one of the most important theatres in the German-speaking world, the Schauspielhaus Zürich starts now. At Pfauen, they perform more traditional and well-known classics whilst at their other venue Schiffbau, you can enjoy rather new and debut performances.

5. Go watch a movie at the brand new cinema Houdini at Kalkbreite. Have a cocktail at one of these bars afterwards.

6. With the nice and warm autumn sun, you might also want to stay outside, have a coffee somewhere (Kafi Dihei; best coffee in town) or do a walking tour up to Üetliberg. Or how about enjoying this view?

7. Last but not least, something to make freestyle sport lovers happy: on the last weekend in September, freestyle.ch will be the place to watch spectacular freestyle action. But more about that later on.


I was wondering if there are some either bizarre or weird places (museums, restaurants, gardens, etc) in/around Zurich?

This is actually quite difficult to answer as Zurich is a rather neat, pleasant and peaceful place. But we found some things for you:

How about a stroll through Fluntern cemetery? There is a grave of honor for James Joyce. Another impressing place is the sculpture park of Bruno Weber in Dietikon. All the impressive sculptures surrounding you will make you feel like Alice in Wonderland.

An interesting experience is a dinner at Blinde Kuh. It is the world’s first restaurant which is run in complete darkness by visually impaired people so that you share the experience with them.

Do you know HR Giger? He is Swiss visual artist with a passion for all things surreal and macabre. As a tribute to the artist who recently passed away, the gallery Kunst Hof 5 in Zurich shows HR Gigers work together with other artists. The drinks are not less special than the artwork on the walls: join the Absinthe tasting!

By the way: the Giger Museum at Gruyères or the Giger Bar at Chur are well worth a visit – they both are full of Gigers bizarre pieces.

The ghost walk tours through Zurich are on a summer break right now but highly recommended – as people told as. We never experienced one of the tours – yet. If you want to know Zurich’s dark side, join one of the ghost walks.

You wouldn’t have thought so maybe, but Zurich is well known for something a bit irrational, intuitive (and something Zurich people as us are usually proud about): dadaism. This international movement was born 1916 in Zurich –  out of a negative reaction to the horrors of World War I. It was begun by a group of artists and poets associated with the Cabaret Voltaire. Dada rejected reason and logic, prizing nonsense, irrationality and intuition. Visit Cabaret Voltaire which has reopened as a cabaret, bar, gallery and shop, with an extensive programme of events and exhibitions.

Books you might be interested in: Magisches Zürich or Orte des Grauens in der Schweiz.


I am looking for an urban oasis – where to go?

When looking for a piece of nature and peace in town, you should spend time in one of our top 3 urban oases:

Old botanical garden

The old botanical garden is perfectly situated on a hill in the city of Zurich. It used to be a bulwark against enemies and was in use as a botanical garden until the 197o’s. In 1976 the new botanical garden opened it’s doors and is still in use today. The old garden remained a perfect green little hideaway. We like to read a book there and it’s also a good place to bring a date.

Garden of Villa Tobler

The Villa Tobler in the old town has a beautiful garden to enjoy a few calm moments from the busy city life. The entrance to the garden is not easy to find and the villa is in the calmer part of the old twon, so it usually is not very crowded.

Park at Museum Rietberg

(Picture: © Museum Rietberg)

A great view over city and lake offers the park of the Museum Rietberg. You won’t find the big crowds there, so it’s much more relaxing than the nearby places by the lake. Most people “just” visit the museum – which is also well worth a visit.