I accidentally landed in Zurich and have no idea what I brought myself into. What do I need to know?

First of all, my dear traveller, Zurich lies in Switzerland, and that is not Sweden, and that is why not everybody is blond here. We speak Swiss German not Dutch, but don’t you worry, you’ll also get by with English. And for anything else: just keep reading this blog, then you’ll be fine.


What is myfriendfromzurich?

You probably know this feeling: You are visiting a new city and tired of following the mundane paths. You wish, there was somebody you could ask where to find the best latte in town or where the cool kids go. And that’s where this blog steps in! myfriendfromzurich is like a real friend who knows all the answers to your questions about Zurich and lets you know about upcoming events and nice places too.

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Getting started

Thinking. Planning. Chatting.

With lovely flowers, the favourite Hello-Kitty-Mug and other travel guides for inspiration.

Soon there will be more from us – stay tuned!


Easy like Sunday morning

For a cosy Sunday brunch Maison Blunt is the place for you!
Personal favourite is the oriental breakfast – just try it!


Hello world!

This is it! myfriendfromzurichs first post! Hurray!