I was wondering if there are some either bizarre or weird places (museums, restaurants, gardens, etc) in/around Zurich?

This is actually quite difficult to answer as Zurich is a rather neat, pleasant and peaceful place. But we found some things for you:

How about a stroll through Fluntern cemetery? There is a grave of honor for James Joyce. Another impressing place is the sculpture park of Bruno Weber in Dietikon. All the impressive sculptures surrounding you will make you feel like Alice in Wonderland.

An interesting experience is a dinner at Blinde Kuh. It is the world’s first restaurant which is run in complete darkness by visually impaired people so that you share the experience with them.

Do you know HR Giger? He is Swiss visual artist with a passion for all things surreal and macabre. As a tribute to the artist who recently passed away, the gallery Kunst Hof 5 in Zurich shows HR Gigers work together with other artists. The drinks are not less special than the artwork on the walls: join the Absinthe tasting!

By the way: the Giger Museum at Gruyères or the Giger Bar at Chur are well worth a visit – they both are full of Gigers bizarre pieces.

The ghost walk tours through Zurich are on a summer break right now but highly recommended – as people told as. We never experienced one of the tours – yet. If you want to know Zurich’s dark side, join one of the ghost walks.

You wouldn’t have thought so maybe, but Zurich is well known for something a bit irrational, intuitive (and something Zurich people as us are usually proud about): dadaism. This international movement was born 1916 in Zurich –  out of a negative reaction to the horrors of World War I. It was begun by a group of artists and poets associated with the Cabaret Voltaire. Dada rejected reason and logic, prizing nonsense, irrationality and intuition. Visit Cabaret Voltaire which has reopened as a cabaret, bar, gallery and shop, with an extensive programme of events and exhibitions.

Books you might be interested in: Magisches Zürich or Orte des Grauens in der Schweiz.


Zurich picture moments

It’s always exciting to be at Zurichs bustling central train station: an exciting journey could start just now! Also, it’s a great place for people watching.

Have a look at our suggestions for trips around Zurich: my-friend-from-zurich.org/stroll


I’m up for some concerts. Where is the music playing?

If you’re into live music, Zurich has something for every taste: from local bands playing in small venues to international superstars at the Hallenstadion – it’s your choice.

myfriendfromzurich would like to point out two special series of live music to you:

Tuesday concerts at La Catrina: It’s one band for one month, free entrance and always great indie music. Starting 9:30 pm.

Wednesday music at Bäckeranlage: Sunshine or rain, every summer Wednesday, all kinds of music, festival feeling in one of Zurichs most cosy parks.  Starting 8 pm.


New in town: Bistro Franzos

Have you heard the news? A Frenchman is in town!
He settled down at the promenade along the limmat and makes you feel like having a Café au Lait and a Pain au Chocolat in Paris.

(Picture: © Bistro Fanzos)

The Bistro Fanzos offers freshly made french dishes like Croque-Monsieur and the choice of wines and other beverages is very promising as well. And on top of that: the interior furnishing creates an authentic and cosy atmosphere.

This is Zurich how we love it: A little bit of Paris here and a few streets down you’ll feel like in Hamburg. Not quite as big but multicultural and full of life and surprises.


Event Tip: Hafenfest

Zurich is very maritime lately. Only few months after installing the Hafenkran, there is another maritime happening: the Hafenfest. Full of romance, with lots of poetry, as the organizers call it themselves. Open for everyone’s creativity on stage, in the kitchen or on the street.

Where: around the Hafenkran, the Gemüsebrücke, along the Limmatquai and at Lindenhof. // With: Cabaret Voltaire, I love leo, Mare o ni, Seebuebe and many more. // When: Friday 4 July until Sunday 6 July. // Extras: great musicians and street artists performing live on stage!

We say: see you there!