Yeahhh: calligraphy workshop by KUCHENnina

(picture: nimmplatz.ch)

The lovely Nina of KUCHENnina likes handwritten letters and cards, but she also knows that there is more to beautiful handwriting than pen and paper. So she decided quickly to launch a calligraphy workshop!

It will be held by the professional calligraphist Mustafa Ruckstuhl and take place at Affaire 46 in Niederdorf. If you want to upgrade your handwriting and learn more about this traditional art form, don’t hesitate and sign up for one of the two workshops! More info on Ninas blog nimmplatz.ch.


Zurich picture moments

What could be better than starting the day with a hearty brunch?!

This picture was taken at Maison Blunt. Check their newest branch, Café Bebek (at Badenerstrasse 171), or have a look at other brunch places we like here.


Can you give me some idea of things to do in September? Looks like I will be here the month.

Lucky you, Sandy, there is lots going on in September, it’s a good month to be in Zurich! A choice on other September things to do:

1. Circus Monti is in town! Until September 21, the Swiss Circus Monti is performing their 30th anniversary show on the Sechseläutenplatz. As every year, the company of artists know how to fascinate their audience.

2. If you are interested into Geology or more specific, earthquakes, then stroll through the anniversary exhibition of the Swiss Seismological Service and learn lots about earthquakes in Switzerland.

3. The ghost walk tours through Zurich are highly recommended – as people told as. If you want to know Zurich’s dark side, join one of the ghost walks.

4. Time for drama: the new season at our favourite and one of the most important theatres in the German-speaking world, the Schauspielhaus Zürich starts now. At Pfauen, they perform more traditional and well-known classics whilst at their other venue Schiffbau, you can enjoy rather new and debut performances.

5. Go watch a movie at the brand new cinema Houdini at Kalkbreite. Have a cocktail at one of these bars afterwards.

6. With the nice and warm autumn sun, you might also want to stay outside, have a coffee somewhere (Kafi Dihei; best coffee in town) or do a walking tour up to Üetliberg. Or how about enjoying this view?

7. Last but not least, something to make freestyle sport lovers happy: on the last weekend in September, freestyle.ch will be the place to watch spectacular freestyle action. But more about that later on.


Our top 5 Event Tips for the week

Hello hello, we are back! Summer is over and autumn officially here – no reason to be sad though, the weather can only get better. We got a few great things for you to do this week:

Wood Food is all about wood – in combination with a cosy atmosphere, a fireplace and innovative cooks. Book your seats over their website and join one of the smoking pop up dinners. When? During september, ever Tuesday-Saturday at 6pm.

Surely, many of you like the stylish clothes by COS as much as we do? You must be happy to hear:  They open up a shop in the old town of Zurich this Friday!

Night owls and shopaholics should attend the third Viaduktnacht at Kreis 5 – also on Friday. Shop till you drop: until 11pm, all shops are opened. Enjoy live music, delicious drinks or yummy food and people watching. And definitely don’t miss the store opening of the seasonal design shop Temporär and get a piece by Julian Zigerli or one of the other designers from Zurich.

Another big Zurich happening every year is the Lange Nacht der Museen or Museums at Night. 40 of Zurichs museums invite you to join their current and special exhibitions. This Saturday from 7pm they will be open for much of the night, offering a mix of entertainment, insights and information until 2am. For details of the full programme check the official website.

Last but not least, something for you, film lovers: the Fantoche, an important International Animation Film Festival will take place in Baden. During the next few days, it showcases the best and most interesting new examples of animated short film production worldwide. It is also the first port of call to get to know the latest works by Swiss animated film producers.


myfriendfromzurich is on a summer break…

We LOVE Zurich during summertime. But we also love to explore the world… We are off to do so now.

See you again soon!