Event Tip: Stolze Openair

Even after this long weekend, myfriendfromzurich can’t wait for the next – cause it’s time for Stolze Openair! For the eleventh time this means: Two days of good music, soccer, eating, drinking and relaxing – and all this right in the middle of town. We are especially looking forward to local musicians Anna Kaenzig and Dabu Fantastic.

Check line-up and location here.

A little goodie for those who can’t wait: The crew of the Stolze Openair created a playlist on Youtube.


I love nothing more than a good brunch. What are your top-three-suggestions?

For a rich healthy breakfast, from classic small to scrambled eggs with salmon or oriental style with humus and feta, go to Maison Blunt. If you like pancakes in various styles, Zum Guten Glück is definitely the place for you. And Sisu offers a good all-you-can-eat brunch in the weekends. Enjoy!


Event Tip: MERCI NO. 1 @ Stall 6

Stall 6, which literally is a club in a former stable, set up a three day festival to thank its partygoers – and it’s all for free!

If that’s not reason enough to show up, then it’s definitely Zurich born musician Tim Freitag who rocks this night at Cheap ThrillWatch Tim Freitag here

If you’re more into Hip Hop, then Saturday and Sunday are the days for you: Mike Skinner and Flow Box with DJ B2K & DJ Schwed will rock the stage.


I only know about Zurich that it’s famous for its banks – that sounds boring to me. Why should I still come?

No, no and no! Zurich is way more than UBS and Credit Suisse, don’t you worry! Once you have strolled around the lively quarter of Kreis 4, have had your first afternoon beer at Xenix and have danced at one of the many great clubs and concert places, you’ll know that.

Oh, and don’t forget the lake. Who needs to go on a holiday when you can jump into the lake in the middle of the city.


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