I am planning an Easter trip to Zurich. What is going on?

Easter… finally some days off! There is lots going on in Zurich during Easter time and one thing is for sure: Zurich is more than just chocolate (bunnies)! Have fun with any of the following:

Definitely the best party:
At Exil, you won’t get any chocolate this Saturday, but lots of great music instead! 5 non-commercial music festivals from Zurich founded the umbrella organisation DANZH and invite you to their foundation party “all under one roof”. You can look forward to Tim&Puma Mimi, Le Dompteur and others.

Good verus bad weather Easter program:
If the weather is nice, you could do a boat trip with Lindt’s gold bunny, win some prices or eat Lindt chocolate while enjoying the view over lake Zurich.
The Kunsthaus is open all Easter weekend and is currently showing works by Marc Chagall, Haris Epaminonda and Ferdinand Hodler.

Looking for Easter eggs around town or how to entertain the little ones:
Zwänzgerle, the traditional after-Easter egg game! On Easter Monday from 10am, hundreds of eggs change owners at Limmatquai. Switzerland Tourism tells you how exactly it works.


Yeahhh: “Abart – das Buch” released!

Since 1998, the Abart club essentially characterised Zurichs music and club scene. But unfortunately, it was recently closed down. Lucky us, it will somehow remain preserved through a book: “Abart – das Buch” tells us the story about 15 years of music history. Thank you Abart, it was awesome with you!

The book was financed through the crowdfunding platform we make it. Order it at Salis Verlag and remember the good old Abart times!

What’s happening there now?
The existing building is to be demolished in about two years. Until then, a thrift shop is fulfilling every bargain hunters dream.


I’ve got the Sunday blues. What to do on a Sunday eve in Zurich?

We suggest you have a quiet drink at one of Zurichs many great bars such as the Volkshaus or the Rivington and Sons. Or treat yourself with a nice dinner or a visit to the cinema.

If you’re still not tired from Friday and Saturday night, party on at clubs Kaufleuten or Helsinki  – Zurich almost never sleeps.

Listen to the inspiration for the post. And remember: Only one quiet drink – otherwise you risk a rough start into the new week. If you’re looking for restaurant tips, read our previous suggestions.


Event Tip: Lange Nacht der Mode

(Printscreen: Lange Nacht der Mode)

Tonight is the night for fashionistas and shopaholics! Stores around Bahnhofstrasse are all open until 23 p.m. and offer insights in their newest collections and many extras such as styling advice, foto shoots and a showcase of Seven. The Lange Nacht der Mode kicks off with a fashion parade at Rennweg (18.45).

After shopping, head to Club Hiltl and end the evening at the fashion party.


I´m tired of sleeping in a dorm full of snoring backpackers. Can you recommend a decent hostel?

Oh yes, we totally understand the desire for a quiet nap!

Kafi Schnaps, Kafi zum guten Glück and Kafi für Dich are all three nice guesthouses with an ensuite café where you can mingle with the locals during your breakfast. A complete list of all hostels and hotels in Zurich you´ll find here.

Also check out our recommendations for dorm beds in Zurich.