I hear August 1th is National Day! How can I celebrate?

There is an official folklore procession from Werdmühleplatz via Bahnhofstrasse to Bürkliplatz. The procession is followed by a festival with music and food stalls at Bürkliplatz. More info here.

In whole Switzerland, many farmers offer whole-day-lasting brunches, for a typical “Burezmorge” have a look here.

A more urban way of August 1th is celebrated at Äms Fäscht at Bäckeranlage, where local bands play and food from all over the world heals your hunger. Or visit the Stadtsommer concert of Kazanchis (we’ll blog about Stadtsommer tomorrow).

If you’re not in the mood to celebrate with the masses, grab yourself a Cervelat, walk up to Hörnli in Zürich Oberland and go bbq-ing (or “brätle” as we say). Or follow the suggestions of Freunde am Kochen and cook yourself a typical Swiss dinner.


Which are the best places for a swim?

It’s summer, it’s weekend and it’s hot – 3 good reasons to jump into the water, don’t you think?! The best public baths in town are the following:

Freibad Letzigraben
Also known under the name “Max Frisch Bad” because it was designed by the world-famous writer Max Frisch. It stands out for its clear-cut forms and the stylish elegance. The large grass area is inviting and numerous trees provide shade.

Seebad Enge
The Badi Engi at lake Zurich is more than just a public bath.It’s also the best place for morning yoga, for a massage, an Ayurveda or Shaba treatment, stand up paddling courses, accoustical concerts and even more. And of course it’s great for swimming, too. Place your towel somewhere on the wooden grating and swim over to one of the rafts to enjoy some sun.

Strandbad Mythenquai
Situated at the lakeside, the Badi Mythenquai is a real pearl. Probably the only Zurich bath with a beach, it invites you to dip into the refreshing water, to enjoy the sun or an icecream in a holiday-like atmosphere and almost mediterranean surrounding.

Flussbad Unterer Letten
If you are more into river-swimming, this place might be the one for you! Don’t underrate the current though, you could get slammed into the iron grid. Behind the wooden construction – the bathing place – you find a relaxing green with lots of shady spots.

Bad Au-Höngg / Werdinsel
Another river bathing area is at Werdinsel at the edge of town. There is plenty of space for children to run around, to play football, a good restaurant and again: many shady trees.

If the city is still too hot or crowded for you – leave town and jump into one of the lakes around Zurich: Katzensee, Türlersee, Greifensee, Pfäffikersee.

Read our – still up-to-date – last year’s tips here.


Zurich on a Budget IV: Activities

There are some great possibilities to spend time in Zurich without spending a franc:

Dance at the Cool Monday party at Mascotte and only pay for your drinks.
 Tuesday is concert night at La Catrina. There is no entrance fee, only a small donation for the local bands is expected. 
On Wednesday afternoons you can visit the Collection of the Kunsthaus for free

Rent one of the free bikes at the stands of „Züri rollt“ and discover Zurich by bike. 
If you understand German, check the city department of cultural heritage preservation, they offer free tours.


Which is Zurich’s hottest summer drink this year?

Like Aperol Spritz two years ago or Hugo last year, Lillet from France is the thing to drink this summer!

You can enjoy a Lillet in different kinds of combinations: as Lillet Blanc with Tonic Water = Lillet Vive, or as Lillet Rosé with Lemonade = Lillet Citrosé. It’s served with cucumber, strawberry and mint leaves and very refreshing!

Another favourite is Pimms from England. Get it with ginger ale and cucumber and you’ll have the perfect cooler for warm summer nights.

Drink Lillet & Pimms @many bars in town, just ask! Find some of our favourite bars here or here.


Zurich on a Budget III: Food

A good way to prevent spending a fortune on food is to shop at grocery stores such as Migros and Coop and cook your dinner yourself or have a pick-nick.

Eating out in Zurich often requires a fat wallet. But there are some places where you can fill your belly and get away with 20 francs straight – you might have to cut back on first course, dessert and wine though.

Here are some Zurich eating out tips: For hearty food, Aargauerhof is the place for you: Meatloaf with fries and a fried egg or rösti with bacon, cheese and a fried egg, both for 18.50. At Da Michelangelo you’ll get a Pizza Margarita for 14.50. It’s 18 francs for fish n’ chips and a salad at Rössli and 20 bucks straight for a sausage, fries and grilled veggies at Wurst & Moritz. For a variety of asian meals under 20 francs, rely on restaurant Saigon.