Need a good tip where to buy something? Do you want to give away your old furniture and buy new pieces instead?

Or did you lose your favourite scarf during a tramride through town?

Become a member of the Facebook community Put me in touch Zurich and share all the things you’re looking for or have to offer. The social community is inspired by a similar group in India, which already helped people find their wallets, relatives etc..

Whether in Delhi or Zurich – you can’t find (out) everything on your own. Well maybe you could, but it might take you ages! What to do instead? You could always contact myfriendfromzurich and ask us whatever you want to know about Zurich. But we are not a platform where to share things to buy or appartements to rent.

This is where Lea von Bidders social community comes into play. She believes in people willing to help eachother. And as we do, too, we are glad to share her page. Because “together, we know everyone in Zurich”!


Event Tip: Blickfang

Blickfang – the design exhibition for interior, fashion and jewellery is all about discovering and browsing. Over 200 designer exhibit their unique and innovative products apart from mass goods and mass production.

At Blickfang, you’ll definitely find inspiration for your own creative work. Plus it’s a nice opportunity to buy Christmas presents – or a treat to yourself. Combine your visit with a nice stroll at the shores of the lake and a warm coffee here or here.

Starting today, until Sunday, at Kongresshaus Zurich.


Guest Post: Jolka Polka, the Polish experience

(picture: The Little Girl in Boots)

Looking for authentic Polish food? Made by Polish people for Polish people, you will find the best Píerozkí in town here! You can also try the Placek po węgiersku… or a typical Polish pie, a mix of vanilla custard with white chocolate on the top and crunchy nuts.

At Jolka Polka, the food is home-made, the menu is in Polish, and the ambiance is very friendly. You hear every possible language in the room, but mostly Polish, as the restaurant has become the rallying point of the community in Zurich. On Saturday, the owner organises karaoke, and all the regulars jump to their feet to sing together. Why not join them?

This guest post was written by Julie of The Little Girl in Boots. She is passionate about traveling, photography and videography – and the Polish cuisine! 


Zurich picture moments


Kilimirö – organic lemonade made in Zurich. Beautiful red colour, raspberry-lavender flavoured. We tried it – so delicious!

We can’t wait for next summer!


Yeahhh: Favourite new shops at Kreis 3

During a stroll through Kreis 3 we recently discovered two new shops and fell in love with both of them.

One of them is full of beautiful furniture and objects from Scandinavia: Nordish Living. You should definitely check it out if you are in need of a birthday present or looking for a simple and chic piece of furniture.

nordish living

Our other discovery is Honig Kuchen - a place where sweet meets sweeter. Wabe3 stands for delicious honey, produced by real Zurich city bees! The beekeepers place their hives on unused rooftops, so don’t be surprised if bees pass by your balcony.


Anima Pompon produces “British and American YUM YUMs” which can be bought at Honig Kuchen as well. We tried the scones – delicious! The shop itself is beautifully furnished and decorated and a great place to find a present or chat with the friendly people of Wabe3 or Anima Pompon.

honig kuchen