I need a refreshment – part II

Ahhh.. you´re not a water person.. more a beer person? I see. For a cold beer on a warm summer night, Xenix is a good place. Sit in the shade of the tree, watch the hipsters play petanque and enjoy your typical Zurich summer evening.

If you get hungry: Read post from June 24 and explore Zurichs great garden restaurants.


How can I escape this rainy weather?

As much as we love Zurich, especially in summer the weather is one thing that could definitely be improved.

So if you’re not into a rainy summer, be sure to count in some escapes: Travel south to lovely Ticino or  dip into the tropical heat of the Masoala Hall at Zurich Zoo. Or pamper yourself at one of Zurichs dayspas.


I need a refreshment!

Yes, it´s definitely getting hot in here.. so take off all your clothes – and jump into the water at one of Zurichs many public baths.

Oberer Letten (near Landesmuseum) and Utoquai (near Bellvue) are directly in the city. If you prefer single sex baths, guys go to Schanzengraben, gals to Frauenbad Stadthausquai. Happy swimming!


I want to eat as much chocolate as possible, while I’m in Switzerland.

Well, that’s easy. Switzerland is the country of chocolate. Just enter any grocery store and eat yourself through the range. If you’re looking for something special, visit one of the many confectioneries Sprüngli in town. The traditional confectionery is known for their pastry and has excellent truffles too.

Unfortunately, due to hygienic reasons, it is difficult to visit chocolate factories. Some factories offer tours, though. For more information check here.


Where in Zurich can I find art?

The mysterious collective The Art is King started a discussion about art. What is art and where do we find it, they want to know.

In myfriendfromzurichs opinion, art can be found everywhere: in the lovely drawing of a child. In a perfectly cooked and arranged dish. In the beauty of sunrise.

In Zurich, places like Perla Mode, Wäscherei (Laundry) and the Cabaret Voltaire have surprised us again and again with independent interpretations of art. And even if Zurich might not be a street art centre as London or New York, if you browse Züri Street Arts pictures, you’ll find quite some artwork.

If you prefer sticking to the more traditional institutions, Museum Bellerive always has inspiring exhibitions.