My girlfriend is such a lousy cook, help me please!

There are many great restaurants in Zurich. Personal favourites are Italia and Da Michelangelo  (both Italian cuisine), Ah-Hua and Lillys (Asian inspired) and Hiltl (Vegetarian). The Hiltl also has a nice lounge and transforms into a club at night.

Read post from June 14 to find out where you can get a decent dinner without spending a fortune. Here you’ll find a list of nice garden restaurants.


Yeahhh: guest post number four!

To do Holly Beckers BYW-class was definitely a good thing to do! Not only did we learn much and get inspired, we also met so many nice fellow bloggers from around the world.

Among them Anette from Germany who blogs about the little things in life she loves and also makes her own jewelry. As Anette likes Zurich almost as much as we do, the idea of us doing a guest post for her blog lebenslustiger.com came up easily. Read the whole post here.


I love to sit in the shadow and read a good book. Suggest some bookshops where I can find a superb choice of books, in English and German.

A little but very well assorted english bookshop with focus on literary fiction is Pile of books at Zentralstrasse. You will find well-known and unknown authors in the categories literary fiction, crime, poetry, but also non-fiction books like travel-writing, music, art and history. Everybody is welcome and shall be fully supplied.

Another place to find a wide range of english books is The Bookshop by Orell Füssli at Bahnhofstrasse.

If you are from Germany, Austria or Switzerland or for whatever reason brave enough to read a german book, try your luck at Buchhandlung Duplikat, Buch&Papier. There, you’ll find lovely postcards, cute little presents, new and vintage books and very friendly advice.
It is located close to Idaplatz, a charming square with shady trees and nice coffee shops. But more about this another time.



Yeahhh – We did it twice: guest posts for LoveCreative and Wanderlust on a Budget

Graphic and Product Designer Amanda from L.A. shares all facets of her creative interests on her amazing blog LoveCreative: Design, music, books, food, fashion and art.
We loved writing a guest post with a guided tour through the home of modern design – Zurich – and hope there soon will be traveling lots of L.A. design students to our exciting city.
Find the whole guest post here.

Shannon from Wanderlust on a Budget is a California girl who loves to travel and blog about it. She started a new monthly series, Blog Spotlight, in which she features an interview with a fellow travel blogger.
And guess who had the luck to be the first one to do the Q&A?!
myfriendfromzurich - well actually one half of the two girls behind this blog.
We feel honored!
Read the interview here.


I am on a holiday, yes, but this doesn’t mean I want to hang around town all day. On the contrary, tell me some spots where I can be sporty without having any training clothes with me. The fun criterion is important!

Us locals really like playing ping-pong at one of the many spots where you can find ping-pong-tables. (Drag the cursor over the yellow arrow and enter „Zurich“.)

In case you don’t want to use your hands to play, go and buy a cheap ping-pong paddle at Athleticum or at SportXXX.

If you need a refreshment afterwards: read posts from June 30 or July 4.