Event Tips for the weekend

This weekend, shopaholics will be especially happy: With the Kreislauf 4+5 the neighborhoods around the Langstrasse are all about their shops and shopping. myfriendfromzurich especially recommends a visit at Pretty Rad and Gerolds Garten.

More shopping and browsing is possible at the Bazar at Stall 6 – fashion, music and drinks await you.

Those of you who prefer some culture: Visit the Videoex, the experimental film and video festival at Walcheturm. Just a short walk away, at the ewz Selnau,  the ewz.selection is held. The Swiss platform for contemporary photography should not be missed!


Zurich postcards by Louise Isbjørn

(printscreen: louiseisbjoern.ch)

Less and less people keep writing letters and postcards, but myfriendfromzurich thinks it’s a lovely tradition which has to be kept alive! That’s why we’d like to present you with the Zurich postcards made by the Berlin based Swiss artist Marion Täschler.

Under the name of Louise Isbjørn she draws outstanding and less outstanding details of Zurich. Her postcards are simple and playful and a great alternative to the oh so typical subjects of the other postcards. On her website you also find lovely designs of Berlin, Paris and London as well as animal sketches.


Zurich picture moments

Beautiful view over Zurich with the Üetliberg in the background. It was taken on the Zürichberg on one of the nice spring days this year.

It makes us wanna have SUNSHINE, BLUE SKIES and SUMMER! Don’t you agree?

Well, the weather forecast is promising… Enjoy your weekend!


Where can I go inline skating in Zurich?

A nice inline skating route, Nidia, is along the shore of lake Zurich.
There also is an inline skating event every two weeks – the Monday Night Skate. Whenever the streets are dry on Mondays, inline skaters meet at Bürkliplatz to start their evening tour through Zurich.
We never participated, but the almost never-ending stream of people skating through the nightly town is very impressive to watch. They suggest a few inline skating routes in town on their website.

There are different good inline skating options in the region of Zurich as well. The tour around Zurich Aiport for instance is very nice. You will be skating through a natural reserve, along a small river and can stop anytime to see the planes taking off.  Rent your skates at the Airport.
Another possible route is around the Greifensee.


Happy Mothers Day!

Don’t you dare forgetting Mother’s Day! We suggest, you take your mom and spend a lovely day together! How about starting the day with a brunch (e.g. here or here), followed by a stroll through the old town and a cruise on lake Zurich?

If you’re looking for some day trips, check the site of ausflugsziele.ch, they have some great suggestions for Mother’s Day. My Girlfriend Guide also knows how to spoil your moms – if you need some ideas, look here.