Even though myfriendfromzurich is at home in Kreis 4 and the blog mainly concentrates on the area between Goldbrunnenplatz and Escherwyssplatz, we also leave our hood from time to time. When at Bahnhofstrasse, we love to stop at Paradeplatz for a coffee and a sweet treat at Sprüngli – the perfect thing after a long shopping spree.

Founded 1836, Sprüngli stands for tradition and history. The confectionery is most famous for its delicious Luxemburgerli, a smaller version of the French macarons. The elegant interior of the café has the atmosphere of a coffee house in Vienna. The crowd at Sprüngli is great for people-watching: Grand dames have their afternoon tea, the rich kids from Züriberg meet up and tourists take a break from their sightseeing. Sunday morning brunch at Sprüngli is delicious too.

Don’t leave without treating yourself with a sweet something from the Sprüngli shop at the ground floor. If you’re ready, walk down the Bahnhofstrasse to the lake and wander along its shores to digest.