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Coming to Zurich anytime soon?!

Best coffee in town? Where to shop and where to dance? How to find the perfect place for a lazy afternoon?

Tell us what you need to know and we’ll find the answer! Write your questions to moc.hciruzmorfdneirfymnull@olleh. Who needs travel literature when you have myfriendfromzurich??


Event Tip: Restaurant Day

May 19 is Restaurant Day, which means everybody can open up a restaurant for one day. You as a guest can explore various homemade dishes in a personal atmosphere.

Restaurant Day, or as the Finns call it, „Ravintolapäivä“, started a year ago in Helsinki, and since then it expanded to twelve countries all over the world. And finally Restaurant Day is also happening in Zurich. myfriendfromzurich will be at Rollen@ Johns’ Place and enjoy Vietnamese summer rolls. Cu there?!


Easy like Sunday morning

For a cosy Sunday brunch Maison Blunt is the place for you!
Personal favourite is the oriental breakfast – just try it!