Where to meet for holiday drinks?

It’s dark and cold outside and the Christmas holidays are close. At this time of the year, everyone is busy seeing their friends and many people (like us) are in a festive mood. All in all: the perfect time to meet for drinks. Our top 5 places for the most delicious cocktails:

1. Dante and Grande: We already blogged about them. Definitely two of our favourite places. Dante is at Kreis 4, in the middle of Zurichs nightlife district. Grande is at the Limmatquai in the city centre.

2. Bovelli, the little brother of Dante and Grande, who opend up just recently, is worth a visit as well. Whatever drink you order, you can choose either a single or a double shot (“if you are in trouble, double”).

3. At Raygrodski ” Zurich people meet to drink, flirt and party”. The bartenders create the cocktails as if they were pieces of art and the atmosphere is very relaxed. Raygrodski is nominated for the Mixology Bar Award 2015 as bar of the year. By the way: Dante is nominated in the same category.

4. A real classic amongst the Cocktail bars in town is the Widder Bar. They offer a wide range on single malt Whiskeys and many delicious drinks. Listen to live jazz music while enjoying your drink.

5. Try something new: order all ingredients for your drink on Wemix.ch and mix it together yourself. Get them either as a 5 or 10 drinks package. What a great thing for your home party with your friends! Or book the barkeepers of wemix.ch for your party and you won’t have to worry about anything.


I’d like to enjoy some good artisan coffee. Can you suggest some alternative cosy coffee places?

Zurich is definitely a good place for coffee lovers and if you browse our section eat & drink, you’ll find many nice places where we like to hang out and spend our afternoons with good talks and good coffee.

Nevertheless, we’d like to point out three suggestions for you:

Benzin & Koffein: This new additions to Zurichs coffee scene combines the owners love for coffee and motorcycles and offers wine and food too.

La Stanza: One of the best coffees in town, including real “Italianità”.

Café Henrici: Situated at a beautiful square in the old town of Zurich. They put a lot of effort into picking the right mix of beans and roasting, but also adjusting their machines accordingly.

If you’re looking for Zurich brewed coffee to take home as a present, the traditional roasting facility Kaffee Stoll is your go-to.


Guest Post: Jolka Polka, the Polish experience

(picture: The Little Girl in Boots)

Looking for authentic Polish food? Made by Polish people for Polish people, you will find the best Píerozkí in town here! You can also try the Placek po węgiersku… or a typical Polish pie, a mix of vanilla custard with white chocolate on the top and crunchy nuts.

At Jolka Polka, the food is home-made, the menu is in Polish, and the ambiance is very friendly. You hear every possible language in the room, but mostly Polish, as the restaurant has become the rallying point of the community in Zurich. On Saturday, the owner organises karaoke, and all the regulars jump to their feet to sing together. Why not join them?

This guest post was written by Julie of The Little Girl in Boots. She is passionate about traveling, photography and videography – and the Polish cuisine! 


I just love the Korean kitchen! Is there a Korean restaurant in Zurich?

With the many Chinese and Thai restaurant in town, a Korean restaurant seems to be a choice fort he adventurous ones. But the delicious Dolsots (a kind of stew with rice, veggies and meat) and Hot-Stone-Meals are for every lover of Asian kitchen.

Our favorite is the Akaraka: Great food, friendly staff and a low key atmosphere.

The Bambushain and Yumi Hana also offer Korean cuisine.


Where can I take a cozy coffee break near the Bahnhofstrasse?

Yummie, lovely and cozy – these three words are actually already enough to describe Babu’s. The coffee place and bakery lies in a side street just next to the Bahnhofstrasse and feels like an oasis in the buzz of business and shopping. If you’re looking for a absolutely mouthwatering treat, the choice is yours: coffee, teas, homemade cakes, muffins and salads – all freshly prepared. The place can get quite busy, so if you don’t want to stand in line, go for the take-away options.

BTW: If you’re ever in Davos, visit Kafi Klatsch, it’s by the same owners as Babu’s and therefore equally cozy!

Another great place for coffee, delicious titbits and people-watching is Sprüngli at Paradeplatz. Read our post to learn more.