As Zurich offers many opportunity for great shopping, myfriendfromzurich is sure you’ll find the perfect present for all your loved ones! Here are some suggestions:

For your mother in law: Get her a box of Sprünglis delicious Luxemburgerlis and she’ll instantly fall in love with you too.

For the trendy friend: Browse the Freitag store, from wallet to messenger bag and iphone-case, the choice is yours.

For your friend with no orientation skills: Go to Einzigart, a cool design store at Josefstrasse, and get them a wall paper of the Zurich streets. Maybe their orientation skills get better by looking at the map every day.

For your bookworm friend: Sunil Mann writes great crime thrillers that take place in Zurich.

For your parents: The bibers (a kind of gingerbread) of the small Biber Manufactur are tasty and go perfectly well with a good cup of tea.

If you’re looking for a personal and handmade present: Handcraft your own candle at Bürkliplatz. It takes time and patience, brings back childhood memories and it’s also a nice time-out from the rush outside. And if all these tips still aren’t enough, browse the young designers stalls at Heiliger Bimbam.