(photo: facebook)

Founded in the 90s as a “living room orchestra”, Brockdorff Klang Labor soon started to integrate electronic instruments in their musical works and they first published four strictly limited tapes. One of them “Tausend Bunte Lichter” did earn exceeding reputation with its symbiosis of flute and beatboxing and made  them to pioneers of the electro-folk. That was the cornerstone of a remarkable development.

To cut a long story short: they still produce finest german electro music and you get the chance to hear them live: this Saturday, 2 March, they grace Zurich with a concert at Helsinki Klub (see our Finland – post from February 17). Make sure to buy your tickets in advance!

For lovers of Bratze, Saalschutz or Tocotronic.

Btw: If you prefer the combination of electronic and classical music, we got another happening for you next weekend: thonhalleLATE on Friday 1 March, where classic meets electro.