When travelling, you don’t want to wander the well-trodden paths, but explore new things. You want to know where to find the best latte and the hottest party in town as if you were home.

But you won’t find this information from the usual guide books, and so-called “insider-tips“ already have attracted a bus full of tourists. And that’s why you arrive home with the same photos everybody already took before you. Conclusion: Anonymous guide books, targeting the average tourist, already exist en masse.

Knowing all this from our own travel-experience, we decided to start up this blog and be your friend from Zurich. So the answers to your questions are personal. Subjective. Selective. And that’s why they’re real – like from a real friend. We, Manu and Nina, both live and work in Zurich and love to stroll around the city with open eyes for new exciting things. And we just love cotton candy, flea markets and jumping into lake Zurich.

Another plus of myfriendfromzurich: It’s simple and short. Some sentences to describe the place, a personal comment, the address of the place and a picture – that’s all you get and that’s all you need.

To start with, we wrote down the questions our friends from overseas asked us, when they were in town. We added some of things we wanted to know, when we were in a new city. Please send us your questions and we’ll be happy to answer. If you already live in Zurich and think you’ll have a place or an event that should be mentioned, feel free to contact us at hello@nullmyfriendfromzurich.com.

All pictures on this blog are ours, if not mentioned otherwise. Please don’t use them without letting us know or linking back to us.