Do you know any baby-friendly coffee places in Zurich? GUEST POST from Sara of mammaconnect

Finding a cosy coffee shop in Zurich where you and your child are welcome can be challenging. That’s why we asked the expert: Sara from mammaconnect explored the city and made a little guide about her experiences. This is what she wrote to us:

(Photo: mammaconnect)

“Coffee places in Zurich are not as baby-friendly as the ones in Berlin or other cities, where there are special coffee shops or restaurants. So almost every mother has the same problem: Where can I go to have a coffee with my baby? I tried to make a baby-friendly coffee guide for Zurich. The guide consist of 47 cafés in Zurich and you’ll find places where you can take a coffee with your child, where they have a changing table or you can give your baby some food.”

Here are two suggestions from Sara:

Kafi Dihei: You and your baby are very welcome. There is even a special area for children to play with toys. The food is really great too. Just nearby the Kafi Dihei is the Fritschiwiese with a playground for kids.

Tibits at NZZ Bistro: The insider tip for mothers with children. The place is spacious and has a special area for kids to play. The Tibits only serves vegetarian food.

Order Saras baby-friendly coffee guide for Zurich on www.mammaconnect.ch. (The guide is in German)


Can vegetarians survive in Zurich?

Yes they can! Switzerland is veggie-friendly and you should find a decent vegetarian dish at almost every restaurant.

Head to Hiltl, Europes oldest vegetarian restaurant, or to Tibits and Samses. At all three places, there are also good vegan options. Find more hints at Zuritipps list of “best vegetarian restaurants”.