Please recommend me the best bars with good beer (on tap)!

To enjoy the nice summer weather with a beer, Rob, a few of our favourite places with gardens or patios:

Piazza at Idaplatz is always a good choice as this charming bar and the whole square are full of nice Zurich people at nights, but still not too trendy. The garden behind Restaurant Reithalle is one of our favourites and they serve good local beer. The much smaller garden at Piccolo Giardino is very familiar and you might want to stay there forever. Für Dich, Mars Bar, Xenix or Volkshaus are other good options.

If you like it very down-to-earth, Bierhalle Wolf or Rheinfelder Bierhalle might be the places for you! To be honest, we have never been there, but they surely serve good beer.

By the way: people say, one of the best beers brewed in Zurich is Hirnibräu. The problem is, we don’t know where to buy it. But you could have it delivered somewhere. Other good local beers are Bier Paul and Turbinenbräu.



Where do you send me to enjoy a cold beer in that beautiful summer weather – in the center of Zurich?

That’s easy: we send you to Kleine Freiheit – an urban garden and bar in one, with a very relaxed atmosphere. Finally, the lovely little Weinbergpark on the way down from the University to the central station is used.

The friendly students behind the desk serve delicious things, we especially recommend the local beer or the oriental sandwich with falafel, tomatoes and garlic sauce in pita bread.

We can’t help but being reminded of Frau Gerolds Garten‘s ship containers and flower boxes and the same good vibes, so we name Kleine Freiheit the little brother of “her”.
Stop by to play some games, read a book, to have lunch or an afterwork beer!

Other options @Kreis 1 are the Rio Bar or the Grande.


Summer in the City – part II: sun haters, this is for you!

You don’t like this hot & sunny weather? Stay inside then and enjoy some good art or history at the Kunsthaus or the Landesmuseum. These museums aren’t overcrowded during summertime and – lucky you – they are air-conditioned.

Kunsthaus (Museum of Fine Art)
The Kunsthaus houses the most important collection of modern art in Zurich and is renowned for both its permanent art collection and its temporary exhibitions. International work of significance include paintings by Munch, Van Gogh, Picasso and Monet. Modern artistic trends are represented by Rothko, Beuys and many more.

Definitely have a look at “Riotous Baroque. From Cattelan to Zurbarán. Manifestations of Precarious Vitality”

Landesmuseum (National Museum Zurich)
Permanent exhibitions: «History of Switzerland» reveals Swiss history from the earliest times to the present day: the history of migration and settlement, the religious and intellectual history, the Swiss political history and the economic development of the country. There is also a Swiss homes & furnishings exhibition and a significant arm collection.

With the unique “Postmodernism, Style and Subversion 1970-1990” exhibition the V&A Museum from London is visiting the Landesmuseum. It shows a bold new interpretation of recent art and design history, postmodernism, and will be complemented by key Swiss representatives.

The Museum Shop is worth a visit: local handicraft as well as a whole range of “Swiss-made” design products await you.


Summer in the City – part I: sun lovers, there you go!

With all its nice streets, restaurants and places to relax, Kreis 5 is the perfect neighbourhood to enjoy a real ‘Summer in the City’ day. At the Viaduktbögen are located some good bars and restaurants where you can sit outside: Markthalle, Ambrosi or Restaurant Viadukt. Nearby, you’ll find the Josefswiese, a superb place to take a sunbath, read a book and if you need a refreshment, dip your feet into the fountain or have a drink at Kiosk Josefswiese.

Walk down the Viaduktstrasse and check out some of the shops. At the end, Geroldstrasse starts. There, you’ll find the Freitag tower, where you shouldn’t miss the view from the sunny rooftop platform.

Right behind the Freitag tower is located Frau Gerolds Garten, a temporary sun terrace, summer restaurant, arts and city garden. Terrace, bar, kitchen and toilet area are built out of ship containers and you’ll find shadow under a huge circus tent. The side walls are brightly-painted, flowerbeds and vegtable patches create a „green“ atmosphere. It’s a perfect place to have a chat and an ice cold beer – an urban park in the middle of Zurichs industrial district.

By the way: The weather forecast predicts great weather for the weekend, too. You shouldn’t miss the Idaplatzfest on Saturday!