I am having a date with that amazing girl. Where are the best places to have our first kiss?

Well, it depends if you wish to have a hollywood-like scenery or just a quiet little place.

In winter, the best place to get cosy is the Dolder Eisbahn, where you can rent skates. Or walk up to Chäferberg, bring a cuddly blanket and sit on one of the benches close to the Restaurant Waid. It’s pretty romantic up there and the view over Zurich is spectacular!

Other places to get close are the cosy sofas at SI O NO or at Stall 6.


Event Tip: Rundfunk.fm

Listening and dancing to good music from national and international DJs, drinking, eating and people-watching – and all this in the historic scenery of the Landesmuseum: That’s Rundfunk.fm.

(photos: Rundfunk.fm)

Don’t worry if the lousy weather tempts you to stay in. Tune your radio on 96.6 MHz (south of Zurich) or 104.1 MHz (north of Zurich) and enjoy the music at home. Or visit the afterparty at Stall 6 / Gessnerallee (only on Friday and Saturday nights).


Event Tip: MERCI NO. 1 @ Stall 6

Stall 6, which literally is a club in a former stable, set up a three day festival to thank its partygoers – and it’s all for free!

If that’s not reason enough to show up, then it’s definitely Zurich born musician Tim Freitag who rocks this night at Cheap ThrillWatch Tim Freitag here

If you’re more into Hip Hop, then Saturday and Sunday are the days for you: Mike Skinner and Flow Box with DJ B2K & DJ Schwed will rock the stage.