I am sick and have to cancel my trip to Zurich. How can I get Zurich souvenirs anyway?

The micro delivery network pleasebringme.com connects travelers with locals. On their website, choose “I am at home. Please bring me something.” and post your request there. Good luck!

If you don’t have any special souvenir on your mind, read our suggestions:

I’m bored of the typical cheesy souvenirs. What can I buy that I’ll still like at home?
Where to get the best chocolate in town.
Some of the nicest shops – by hopehope. 


Yeahhh: The Hopehope Shopping Guide for Zurich

Regarding fashion, clothes ands style, the lovely girls from Zurich based fashion blog Hopehope are definitely the ones to consult.

Now they created an online Shopping Guide for Zurich – we like! Check it out here, grab your purse and explore Zurichs wide range of fine shops.


What blogs and pages about Zurich should I read?

(Apart from us, of course) We like HopeHope, Pascal Grob and Styleseeking Zurich for fashion. Foodies check The Real Picky Gourmet.

For the talk of town, cultural events and all possible and impossible things to do and find, www.ronorp.net, www.bewegungsmelder.ch and www.zuri.net are the addresses to type in your browser.

Bewegungsmelder just recently reported about myfriendfromzurich, more about it here.