Do you know any baby-friendly coffee places in Zurich? GUEST POST from Sara of mammaconnect

Finding a cosy coffee shop in Zurich where you and your child are welcome can be challenging. That’s why we asked the expert: Sara from mammaconnect explored the city and made a little guide about her experiences. This is what she wrote to us:

(Photo: mammaconnect)

“Coffee places in Zurich are not as baby-friendly as the ones in Berlin or other cities, where there are special coffee shops or restaurants. So almost every mother has the same problem: Where can I go to have a coffee with my baby? I tried to make a baby-friendly coffee guide for Zurich. The guide consist of 47 cafés in Zurich and you’ll find places where you can take a coffee with your child, where they have a changing table or you can give your baby some food.”

Here are two suggestions from Sara:

Kafi Dihei: You and your baby are very welcome. There is even a special area for children to play with toys. The food is really great too. Just nearby the Kafi Dihei is the Fritschiwiese with a playground for kids.

Tibits at NZZ Bistro: The insider tip for mothers with children. The place is spacious and has a special area for kids to play. The Tibits only serves vegetarian food.

Order Saras baby-friendly coffee guide for Zurich on www.mammaconnect.ch. (The guide is in German)


What are the two or three best places for locally roasted small batch coffee?

We are happy to answer your question, Jaan. These are the three places with probably the best coffee in town:

Café Henrici
Situated at a beautiful square in the old town of Zurich, Café Henrici serves very delicious coffee. They put a lot of effort into picking the right mix of beans and roasting, but also adjusting their machines accordingly. They are really friendly and happy to inform you about their mix of beans, so just ask.

La Stanza
The coffee at La Stanza is one of the best in town. At this real Italian place, you have to try the Espresso, it is heavenly! Many people know that, so it’s no longer an insider tip. But it’s definitely worth a visit.

At this marketplace and restaurant, you’ll find nice local and fresh food as well as one of the best coffees in town. It comes from Zurichs small roasting facility Café Noir and is rather strong. After this refreshment, you might be into some shopping at the Viaduktbögen?

For other coffee places, where you can read or study unhurriedly, check out our post from April 4.


Yeahhh: My Place

The coffee house My Place is like an oasis in a part of Zurich where there are many points of interest – such as the Kunsthaus or the Schauspielhaus – but not many cosy places to drink a coffee and linger.

My Place is not only famous for its large fresh salads and soups, but also by its design furniture. Note: Almost all furniture is for sale. It might well happen that somebody wants to buy the chair you’re sitting on!

Combine a break at My Place with a visit to the Kunsthaus or walk up to the university and enjoy the great view over whole Zurich.


Yeahhh: Kaffee-Kreise

We from myfriendfromzurich love to sit at a cosy coffee shop, gossip, read, people-watch – and drink coffee of course!

That’s why we say YEAHHH to the new booklet Kaffee-Kreise. With a list of 62 coffee places, the booklet presents an insight into the many different ways of drinking your favorite drink in Zurich. Each selected place comes with a personal description and other useful information you need to know. Colorful illustrations complete the booklet.

As the places are listed by district, Kaffee-Kreise is also a guide for your personal coffee-tour through Zurich.