Where can I get a decent dinner without spending a fortune?

In the last issue of the Tages Anzeiger Magazin Max Küng expressed his frustration about overpriced food in Zurich and wanted to know where in town he could eat a decent dish that wouldn’t cost more than 20 francs.

We totally agree, eating in Zurich often requires a fat wallet. But there are some places where you can fill your belly and get away with 20 francs straight – you might have to cut back on first course, dessert and wine but you’ll be full and happy afterwards, we promise.

So here we go: For hearty food, Aargauerhof is the place for you: Meatloaf with fries and a fried egg or rösti with bacon, cheese and a fried egg, both for 18.50. At Da Michelangelo you’ll get a Pizza Margarita for 14.50. It’s 18 francs for fish n’ chips and a salad at Rössli and 20 bucks straight for a sausage, fries and grilled veggies at Wurst & Moritz. For a variety of asian meals under 20 francs, rely on restaurant Saigon.

Now myfriendfromzurich hopes that you’ll all enjoy your dinner! And Max, what do you think about our suggestions?


My team’s playing in the European Championship, I just can’t miss it! Where can I watch the games?

Even if Switzerland isn’t competing in the European Football Championship – this doesn’t mean we don’t like to watch Ronaldo, Rooney and Co. In fact, almost every bar is broadcasting the matches. Here are some personal faves – all three also great places without football: Le Calvados, Piccolo Giardino and Rio Bar.

At the finals, Le Calvados will serve dishes matching the teams. If you’re siding with the Greeks or Croatians: Make sure to watch the games at Gotthard Bar. Owner Panos will offer a shot on the house, every time the Greeks or Croatians score – Yamas!


“Greetings from Zurich…”

YAY! Our postcards are freshly printed and ready to be spread! You can soon find them at different places in town.

Any suggestions yourself where we could spread them or are you interested in giving them out or placing them in your hotel / restaurant / store?

Let us know: moc.hciruzmorfdneirfymnull@olleh



Event Tip: Monthly Shorts @ El Luchador

(photos: El Luchador)

What is a good thing to do on a rainy Saturday evening? Right: watch a film. Or even better: watch short films! The great new restaurant El Luchador presents you the first edition of MONTHLY SHORTS and takes you to the world of the mexican way of living – from football to death, from revolution to „el luchadores“.

Please find all the details here and stay tuned for more: there will be shown short films about love, life, Zurich (and much more) every second saturday of the month.



Where can I chill on a nice afternoon?

A beautiful and relaxed place is the city market garden, where you can go for a stroll between 250’000 plants. Look for the palm house – sit down there on one of the hidden benches and take your time to watch the amazing plants and different birds, like a toco toucan.